Shards & Fragments

Assorted Tips and Hints

These are odds 'n ends, written on scraps of paper found among the contents of Uncle Filbert's steamer trunk. They are to be taken "with a grain of salt", to be sure, but strangely enough, most of the "advice" actually seems to work.

How can you tell if she 'likes' you?

There are certain physical telltales, such as enlargement of the pupils, slightly defocused gaze, rapid pulse, and reddened skin that may indicate infatuation. If she get flustered and nervous speaking to you, and is unable to make eye contact, it could be that she is overwhelmed, quite taken with you.

Note that this is NOT a reliable method, as the signs can easily be misread and could signify quite the opposite in some situations. It is far better to trust the normal communications channels, to listen to what she says, to understand her behavior toward you.

"Mesmerizing" a woman.

Everyone has a characteristic cadence in their movements, their mannerisms, their walk, their speech, their personal way of doing things. This is their heartbeat rhythm, their most intimate "signature", their very style. When two people begin to draw together, they unconsciously adjust their rhythms to blend and synchronize. By design, you can subtly accelerate and reinforce this very natural process, using deliberate mimicry.

Speaking with her, detach part of your mind from the conversation, and gradually key your verbal responses to the cadence and timing of her speaking rhythm. Walking by her side, carefully copy her pace and cadence. Facing her, match her every breath, even her blink rate. You are trying to synchronize your physiological rhythms. The objective is to forge a harmony, a resonance, a unity from your physical nearness.

This methodology is presented for informational purposes only ("Don't try this at home, folks..."). Such techniques have their dangers and are not appropriate for general use, as there are very serious ethical implications.
Caution and discretion advised.

                           Glendower: I can call spirits from the vasty deep.
                           Hotspur:   Why, so can I, or so can any man;
                                      But will they come when you do call for them?
Shakespeare, Henry IV

How to attract the eyes of every woman present, as you walk into a room.

And now that you've got their attention, what are you going to do with it???

How to get a woman to approach you, to make the first move.

Most women have a natural reluctance to making the initial approach to a man, partly as a result of upbringing (yes, even in this day and age), and from fear of risking rejection. This creates a fairly high barrier to be overcome before a woman will 'come on' to you... but she will if she wants you badly enough, if she perceives an opportunity to meet you slipping away, if she fears losing you to another woman.

"Safe" gifts to give early in a relationship.

Useful skills to pick up along the way.

                           ... for love is strong as death, passion cruel as the grave;
                           it blazes up like blazing fire, fiercer than any flame.
Song of Solomon 8:6 [NEB]