Eye Contact

"Television has proved that people will look at anything rather than each other."
       ---Ann Landers

Do shivers of fear run down your spine at the prospect of communion, eye to eye, with the woman you are perhaps fated to love? Does panic freeze your limbs when you picture standing transfixed in her gaze, revealed in all your shyness and anxiety, naked and trembling? Consider then the rewards of unveiling a new world, a jewel of creation, the realm of your darling... for is she not, like each of us, the center and shaper of her own universe? If the eyes be windows on the soul, then is not losing yourself in the countenance of your beloved the most intimate of contact?

            "He who looks outward sleeps, he who looks inward wakes."

Awaken in self-knowledge, for only then can you look upon others with the confidence of personal destiny. Mirroring the purity of intent, your look caresses, it is a reaching across, a subtle almost-touch, a sharing, a joining. The meeting of the eyes begins in almost accidental glances, intermittent, the shy but knowing smiles, an almost hesitant conversation in glimpses that recapitulates the ancient children's ritual of peek-a-boo, yet more intensely... and finally, finally (perhaps), comes that painfully delicious moment of recognition when everything clicks into sharp focus.

A warm look may hold the promise of a kiss, and more, much more. Yet, beware! Crude and untimely gawking may crush and bruise the delicate flower of a woman's private self. An intrusive stare, the "fish eye", peering, probing, clumsy goggling... all these bear the stink of an aggressive, blundering fool. Mark well that sensitivity and a delicate touch are as needful in this endeavor as in any other involving personal relationships. Mastering the gentle art of look-touching might well unlock the cage of aloneness.

Your eyes will twinkle, return smile for smile, warmth for warmth, to the woman whose regard you have captured. Words lie, facial expressions deceive, but the language of the eyes does not lend itself to falsehood. The eyes speak mutely, but they speak truly.